i. General
  • I reserve the rights to not disclose the reason for rejecting a commission order.
  • I do not do NSFW, lewds, or heavy gore.
  • One commission slot/order holds a maximum of two characters.
  • I will not improvise on incomplete designs. You may provide a photo reference of an outfit only if you want me to draw said outfit exactly like how it appears on the photo.
  • The watermarked version of your commissioned work may be re-posted on my other accounts.
ii. Payments and Refunds
  • I will only start to work on the commission once I've received the payment in full.
  • Refunds are not available at any point after you have approved the final rendition of the sketch.
  • Refunds during the approval period are available. I will take 25% of the commission fee as the sketch fee.
    • I will refund you and take 25% of the commission fee if you fail to approve the sketch after 31 days have passed.
iii. Commercial
  • My commission works are not to be commercialized by default. All commissioned works are strictly for personal use.
  • In cases that you want to repost my work publicly, please include my username (cradlingsongs) in your post's caption. You may approach me to obtain a watermarked version instead if you don't want mention me in the caption.
  • Be aware that my watermarked images will have the watermarked stamped near the cheek and shoulder area. You may request for the watermark to be placed elsewhere however.
iv. Usage in AI
  • None of my commissioned works are to be put through AI, whether it is for learning purposes of the machine or to add on to the commissioned artwork.
  • Real-life references
  • Humanoids in general
  • Small animals and most small feral creatures
  • Character interactions; platonic, romantic, everything else
  • Centaurs, mermaids, nagas
  • NSFW/lewds, heavy gore
  • Mecha/armors
  • Extremely buff characters
  • Pedophiliac ships
  • Political/religious content
  • all prices include a simple abstract background; you need to specify if you want it though, i'll only add it if i have any ideas for it x-x
  • x1.5 price for couples (must provide pose)
  • x2 price for couples (if you don't provide a pose. please provide a pose.)
  • price can fluctuate depending on the character's design (from -5 USD up to 25 USD); you can always just approach me for confirmation!
  • if you are in indonesia you can use ovo to pay as well. i'm still charging you USD rates though.